Chemical System Evolution

BioMIP is developing key mesoscale and multiscale tools for thesimulationof combinatorially complex reacting chemical systems in their spatially resolved setting. This includes in particular self-assembling multiphase systems such as the structures formed by amphiphilic lipids (e.g. membranes and nanotubes) and evolvable self-replicating chemical systems (chemical and enzymatic replicators).

Artificial cell design is one area where such self-assembling-reactive simulation tools are essential. Another is modelling live cell processes likeendocytosis, where complex structures sort molecular information in a dynamic turnover of physical transport and reaction. BioMIP is building custom microscopic environments for complex chemical systems with electronic control using digital MEMS technology and the simulation of combinatorially complex chemical systems in such open structured microenvironments is a third focus of our research.

Currently this development is being fostered in two projects:PACEandHepatosys. This page is organized by the simulation tools employed. For a more application oriented view of our research, please consult the individual projects.

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