Year 2006

John McCaskill gave an interview with the journalist Anja Garms from the German Press Agency (dpa) titled ‚Schöpfung im Reagenzglas’ (Creation in the test tube), where PACE is presented. This article appeared nationwide in several German newspapers, e.g. in the Bonner General Anzeiger, weekend issue May 6/7, 2006.

Financial Times Germany, 27 April 2006, p. 30. Nicola Kurth: Die Schöpfung, zweiter Versuch. Interview with John McCaskill on PACE.

Westdeutsche Allg. Zeitung (WAZ) No. 89, April 2006, p. 7. Aeneas Rooch: Lebendige Maschinen. Interview with John McCaskill on PACE

Manager Magazine, Vol 9/2005: Zellen im Tank, by M. Kroeher. Interview on PACE with N. Packard and J. McCaskill (,2828,371281-5,00.html)

Die tageszeitung (taz), issue April 24, 2005: Lebewesen aus der Retorte (

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